The following terms and conditions apply to the Kericho Gold Go for Gold Points redemption Service  (“the Service”) and by utilizing the Service you will be deemed to have read, understood and  accepted the same.  

  1. The Service 

(a) Gold Points is a loyalty scheme for all Kericho Gold Consumers that subscribes to the service.  (b) “GO FOR GOLD” is a loyalty point promotion for consumers owned by GCB (K) ltd (c) This scheme is run by 3rd party tally international on behalf of GCB (K) ltd 

(d) Once registered to the Programme by SMSing the unique code inside a Kericho Gold packet  to 23125 you start earning gold points immediately; Gold Point is earned for every code you SMS to the provided number (23125).  

(e) Gold Points can be redeemed for rewards ranging from Talk-time (Minutes), Data,  SMS and MMS bundles and at Selected Partners outlets countrywide.  

(f) The below are the applicable terms with regard to the points that customers will earn when they  SMS the unique code.  

g) Tally as third party will communicate with consumer updating on points status or other  information regarding the promotion 

h) GCB (K) ltd will also keep communicating with consumers regarding new product  introductions, increase in points or offers etc. via its website or app or through its call center/phone 

i) The number 0706 655 955 is meant for consumer to call back in case of clarification regarding  promotion 

j) GCB (K) Ltd & Tally will tie up with other 3rd party vendors to offer discount to consumer by  virtue of the “Go for Gold” membership number. The discount is purely controlled by the 3rd party  vendor & varies by each vendor. 

k) GCB (K) ltd & Tally liability is limited and is bound by the contract they have signed 

  1. Eligibility 

(a) This Service is available to all Kericho Gold Consumers who SMS the unique code inside a Kericho  Gold Pack to 23125 

(b) Subscribers will be able to redeem their points for either SMS , Airtime or Minutes and selected  offers. 

  1. Launch of the Service 

This Service will run from 0000 hrs. on 30th September, 2020 (“Service Commencement Date”). 

  1. How to redeem 

Customers will redeem their Gold resources via USSD or Our Gold Club app as follows: On USSD, the customer will be required to: 

  1. Dial *658*3# 
  2. Select Redeem Gold Points 

iii. Select your redemption preference ie. Airtime, SMS or bundles, etc. (Based on the available  offers) 

On Gold Club App, the customer will be required to:  

  1. Select Gold Points on the App (Available on the play store or apple store) 
  2. Redeem points according to preference, i.e. Airtime, SMS or Bundles, etc. (Based on the  available offers)
  3. 5.Other Terms and Conditions 

1) Following are the terms & conditions: 

  1. Points are earned on purchase of Kericho Gold range of teas by sending a unique  code via USSD SMS to 23125 
  2. Each packet will have a unique code inside & a promotional sticker will indicate the  promotion 
  3. Packets without the sticker are not part of the promotion 
  4. The number of points per SKU may increase but will not be lower than the ones listed  in the attachment 
  5. The value of each point is KSH 1 
  6. Points can be redeemed for airtime/data plans/ exciting offers listed on the website/app 
  7. All exciting offers will be listed on the website/ app and can change on a monthly  basis (during the festival) to show additions
  8. The promotion validity is from 1st Sept 2020 to 31st April 2021 & can be extended at the  discretion of GCB(K) ltd 
  9. Promotion subject till stocks last 
  10. Save as stated in the Kericho Gold Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions, once Gold points are redeemed, they cannot be reversed. 
  11. Extension of Terms 

(a) These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the published terms and conditions  

governing the Kericho Gold Loyalty Programme (Gold Points), and any other product/service that you are enjoying in relation to the product.  

(b) Kericho Gold reserves the rights to withdraw this Product, change or vary these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be communicated, on the Kericho Gold website  https://www.kerichogold.com/go-for-gold/ and through any other available means as  

Kericho Gold may choose.